Pre-Meeting Workshop for Trainees

As part of the APPA Annual Meeting, we hold a half-day seminar for undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows. Workshops typically take place on the Wednesday before the Annual Meeting.

This event offers an opportunity for students, fellows, trainees, and faculty from different universities and organizations to meet and get to know each other.

Faculty members briefly present on the training program(s) at their university, followed by a 15-minute presentation given by one of their trainees about their work, followed by questions and discussion. NIH staff also present at this workshop, focusing on current institute scientific priorities and issues in obtaining funding, especially at early career stages. At the end of the day, attendees are encouraged to interact informally to strengthen their professional network. The connections made at past workshops have helped junior scientists secure faculty positions or fellowships and have inspired new research collaborations.

Round Table Discussion

During the APPA Annual Meeting proceedings, a roundtable provides trainees and early career investigators as an opportunity to meet and learn from more established APPA members. Discussion topics include grant funding, establishing collaborations, and fellowship and job searches. This event is facilitated by APPA Council members. Established participants share insights from their varied career development trajectories. Early career attendees ask questions, share feedback about their experience at the meeting, and benefit from meeting peers connected to APPA.

This roundtable is a popular event that helps to create community connections for junior members and meeting attendees.

Mentorship Program

APPA facilitates a mentorship program in which junior meeting attendees are matched with mid-career or senior-level mentors. Each year, numerous trainees and early career attendees appreciate this chance to connect with more seasoned members of APPA and to form potential mentorship or collaborative relationships. The format is flexible and guided by what works best for the mentee and mentor. We encourage informal conversation that will help to build personal connections.